What's a Landing page?

Landing pages are standalone web pages that encourage visitors to take a specific action. They can be used for a number of different purposes. The most common types of landing pages are:

Whatever your landing page is used for, it should have just one goal and one desired outcome, unlike a website homepage that has many different paths a visitor can take. Most landing pages rely on a headline, subhead, body copy, social proof, and a call to action to catch attention and drive conversions — whether that means a purchase or opting in for an email list.

Do you need a landing page?

Build closer relationships

Your website was likely designed to appeal to a broad audience, so your message isn’t specific, and people might not connect with it. Instead, sending traffic to landing pages that are targeted to the individual audience you’re targeting allows you to focus on one specific goal or offer. Tacoma Studios create conversion-driving pages for any goal you have in your business.

How Do Visitors Get to Landing Pages?

There are a few ways for your page visitors to get to your landing pages:

PAID ADS​ You pay to advertise your landing page on the internet. Paid ads are an easy way to direct traffic from Facebook, Google or similar sources to your landing page.

EMAILS​ You can send emails with links to a landing page.
YOUR WEBSITE​ You can create buttons and links on your website to drive visitors to strategic landing pages. SEARCH ENGINES​ You can organically direct those searching for related information to the landing page.

Anatomy of a landing page


The headline is the most important part of your Landing Page

Images or Video

A great image or video can be more impactful than the body copy.

Body Copy

Your body copy is where you go into more detail about your offer.

-Allay fears and address potential problems your visitors might have.

-Reinforce the benefits of your offer and provide solutions to a the problem

-Encourage visitor to click your call to action

Call to Action

This is where a visitor clicks to convert.

Above the Fold

Refers to the upper section of a Landing Page that is visible without having to scroll

Trust Elements

Customer testimonials, awards, partner logos, and security badges validate and tell visitors your business can be trusted,.


Forms are used to easily collect information and complete essential building actions such as adding contacts to your mailing list

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